Known for her classic and timeless style,
Adelaide Bragg offers a full design service providing bespoke
interior solutions to private homes across Australia.

Each home receives Adelaide’s individualised treatment to ensure it meets the needs of its owners and remains a true representation of the people who live there.

For thirty years, interior designer Adelaide Bragg has been creating beautiful homes that are made to be lived in. Well known for her classic, contemporary and colourful style, Adelaide brings warmth, tactility and that much-desired emotional connection to everything she touches.

While working to her signature framework of flexible floor plans and timeless materials, there is a focus on showcasing family heirlooms or treasured collections, as well as adding those intrinsic details that promote comfort and enjoyment.

Adelaide understands the emotional and financial investment that comes with furnishing a home, and takes enormous pride in delivering generous designs that exceed all expectations. From start to finish, it’s a truly collaborative process, with professionalism, flexibility and discretion all part of the package.

Adelaide’s interiors welcome life: a big family gathering, a dog on a sofa, a whisky by the fire, or a quiet moment in a window seat. All are accommodated in her generous style that conveys a certain timelessness, a certain joie de vivre. 

A strong, timeless foundation forms the basis of all of Adelaide’s projects, each space designed to evolve over time with the addition of fresh fabrics and lived-in layers.


Whether embarking on an exciting new build, renovating an existing home or wanting a complete refresh, Adelaide and her team offer the advice, expertise and inspiration to bring the client’s ideas to fruition. 

The Design Process

Every home is an original with its own story to tell. Through close consultation and a considered edit of colour, fabrics and furnishings, Adelaide delivers an individualised interior each and every time. It’s a collaborative journey, and the client is encouraged to be involved as much or as little as they like, at every stage of the process.

Trusted Suppliers

Adelaide prides herself on supporting local craftsman, suppliers and makers where possible, and relies on a large bank of trusted global resources for those one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition she draws from her own Bragg & Co range of quality furniture and homewares.